Snow Days

Let me be really really British and ramble on about the weather for about a million paragraphs. Okaythanks. 


With the exception of the fine folks behind the Wimbledon weather report, who somehow know to-the-second when it's going to rain, meteorologists in England are full of shit. About twice a year we're promised a truly terrible snowstorm and told to stock up on provisions and hunker down until it blows over. But these storms rarely even blow in. 

Being from Minnesota, I love a proper snow storm. But what I like about England is that they really only need 4-5 inches for the entire country to fall into chaos, at which point I'm lacing up my Bean Boots and making my way to the pub, comfortable in knowing that everyone is far too focused on the snow to expect an email from me. 


Last night we were promised one of these epic snowstorms (Minnesotans would literally die of laughter if they experienced it). Trains were cancelled, meetings were rearranged, children put sleds next to the front door where their backpacks usually sat. The signs were all there. But this morning? Nothing. 

Right now, we're in this agonising stretch of time that is completely void of bank holidays. That means we're all desperate for a day to shirk responsibilities, endlessly scroll instagram, and day-drink. And boy oh boy was I planning on day-drinking today! With a snow day comes that particular joy of giving zero fucks about the productive things you could be doing. When it's piling down outside, it seems perfectly reasonable to pop open a bottle of wine at 2:30 in the afternoon and get absolutely pissed by 6:00. Even if your to-do list isn't done. Especially if your to-do list isn't done! It's freaking snowing! Close the laptop and open the wine. 

Alas. It wasn't to be. I've been crossing off tasks strong-arming the urge to drink until a reasonable time. Like 7:30. Or 6:15. (Shut up, you're not the boss of me!) And while I'm filled with that awe-shucks childhood feeling I had so often after our school announced it was business-as-usual and we were transported to class in a little yellow snow-globe school bus, there's still that itty-bitty bit of hope inside... Maybe tomorrow will be a snow day! 


(Why yes, you're right! I do work from home! And even when it's snowing outside I'm still fully capable of doing my work. Yes, yes I understand that it's ridiculous to think that my ability to get stuff done would be altered in any way by a snowstorm. And yet it really doesn't matter. Bring on the snow! Bring on the mid-week debauchery! If kids get a snow day, I'm giving myself one too. I'm the boss and I get to make the rules. Okay?!) 


Anyway, you can read our Bottle Bitches review of this delicious GSM blend right here. It would be a really good snow day wine. If a snow day ever actually arrived!!!!!!!!